Lord Shaunessy:

Value: $100,000

Structural slab waterproofing.

Structural slab was leaking at base of building into Dental office due to lack of waterproofing membrane. This caused excessive amounts of mold and decay in the wall cavity.


How we fixed it:

1.) Removed topping slab and garbage enclosure to expose structural slab.

2.) Removed existing failed waterproofing membrane.

3.) Installed new 2 ply SBS waterproofing system to structural slab.

4.) Installed new concrete topping slab.

5.) Installed new cinder block garbage enclosure.

6.) Reinstalled all HVAC systems with custom flashing hoods.

7.) Installed custom flashing to base of garage enclosure walls and base of building wall.

8.) Interior of dental office underwent mold remediation and all areas were returned back to original state.

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