Lord Shaunessy

Lord Shaunessy

Structural slab was leaking at base of building into Dental office due to lack of waterproofing membrane.

How we fixed it:

  • Removed topping slab and garbage enclosure
  •  Installed new 2 ply SBS waterproofing system
  • Installed new topping slab
  • Installed new cinder block garbage enclosure
  • Reinstalled all materials previously removed
  • Tree and planter is gone.

    • All HVAC pipes going through exterior wall now have hood Flashings.
    • All unnecessary pipes going through structural slab has been removed.
    • One drainpipe and one gas pipe are the only items going through structural slab now.
    • Blockwall is now 4 inches away from exterior wall.
    • Louvred the Pergola so the water is redirected away from the building.

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