Nicholas Read 2255 West 8th Ave.

I live at 2255 West 8th Ave. where for the past four months one of your
crews (headed by a man named Eric) has been on the job. So i thought I’d
write to you and pay Eric and his crew a compliment.

The job they did, they did very well. I have a new deck and fence which are
top notch. I also have a number of new drains and some other accoutrements
that will serve me and other residents in the building for years to come.
But more than that, they were always very pleasant to deal with. You heard
that time and again among the building’s residents. That they were very
pleasant, very helpful, and very cooperative.

So for all those reasons I thought an email was in order telling you about
the good job they did. Please make sure it’s noted where things like this
are noted. The work they did was first-rate and they were as pleasant as
they could be while doing it. Surely that deserves a pat on the back of some

Thanks for your attention.

Nicholas Read 2255 West 8th Ave. 

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